Research and Development Cell:

R&D cell at Sipna C.O.E.T established with aim to foster conducting, promotion of research and effective Management of R&D at the institution related to engineering projects.

It is observed that many researches are done in education and higher education sector. However, a very few or minimum number of researches are done engineering. Therefore, it is vital to foster conducting and promotion of research related to engineering through inculcation or research culture in engineering field and sipna.Research cell consists of research labs in computer science and electronics and telecommunications to carry research projects in higher studies. The Research Cell will facilitate undertaking research through dissemination projects among interested researchers.

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  • Projects Sponsored and Appriciated under R & D cell work as


Academic Year 2018-19


GOFUN project

  • GOFUN project….. click here

    1)A novel multitasking agricultural robot

    In India, agriculture is the main occupation of the countrymen. They use different technique to perform work in his farm. Farming requires hard work and dedication. The many problems are available in farming. The same of them problems are less availability of worker, the pesticides or fertilizers hazardous to human. Farmers use old techniques for farming because of cost of new technology. To overcome all these difficulties and save the farmer life, we design robot for perform different work in his farm. For monitoring the robot DTMF technique is used with microcontroller, motor driver, relays and smart phone.

    In our project we propose a reliable and robust agricultural robot design for seed sowing, fertilizer feeder, spray pump, grass cutting and plant cutting technique which has features of enhancing the speed of operation and ensuring the safety of the plant. In our proposed technique the robot has various new features as robotic spray, intelligent fertilizer feeder and accident safety.
    Test results show that the design is effective and robot used to replace staff job, and achieves good results.


    2)Project Titled -“Handheld Power Tiller”

    A hand held power tiller is an equipment which runs on petrol engine for the purpose of tilling the farm. Tilling is the loosening of soil in
    combination with the process of uprooting unwanted plants. Tilling is usually done by the farmers by sitting and uprooting the plants using a
    sickle, which causes back and knee pain. To tackle this, a hand held power tiller is used, which a single worker/farmer can use making the
    process easy, fast and efficient.

    R & D CELL-Projects

    Academic Year 2015-16


    Energy Generation from Exhaust Fan Electronics & Telecom. Department.
    Birth and Death Registration System

    Petrol Generation using Waste Plastic Instrumentation Department.
    Tree Plantation Machine by Mechanical Department.

    Academic Year 2014-15


    1)Project Titled -” SAAS Based College Management “

       Sponsored by : Persistent Systems Limited,Nagpur

       Under the Guidance: Dr.A.D.Gawande


    1)Project titled:” Measurement of gap between Plant Root Level and Water Level in Soil”

    Appreciated by: Impetus and Concept’15, National Level Technical Symposium organized at PICT,Pune. (1st Prize in Project Competition)

       Guidance by: Dr. S.V. Rode

    2)Project Titled:“Robo for Agriculture work “

       Apprecated by: National Level Technical Symposium organized at IETE, Amravati Center(1st Prize in Project Competition)

        Guidance by: Dr. S.V. Rode


    1)Project Titled –“Development of unmanned Aquatic vehicle for Application in surveillance & Tracking”

       Sponsored by : Institute of Engineers,Calcutta

       Under the Guidance:Dr.A.A.Gurjar

    2)Project Titled: “Arm Based Agricultural field Monitoring System”

       Sponsored by: NUZIVEEDU,SEEDS Andhra Pradesh

       Under the guidance of : PRof. A.V.Malviya

    3)Project titled: “An analytical approach for simulated IEEE 802.11(A) WAN standard”

       Sponsored by :Scientech Technology,Indore

       Under Guidance of::Prof A.P.Thakare


    1)Project titled:“Novel Approach for protection of plant from Insects”

       Appreciated by:Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh  krishi  Vidyapeeth Akola,Regional Reseach center and main soyabean research centerAICPR Amravati

       Guidance by:Prof.S.B.Kasturiwala

    2)Project Titled:“Amravati City Bus Guide (Andriod Application)”

       Apprecated by:Amravati Municipal corporation(AMC)Amravati


    • Heartily Congratulations to Miss. Ketki Kadu, Sharvari Bijwe, Rachana Jopat, Tejal Kural final year for for securing first prize in Project Competition Techfest 2016 at IIT Bombay

    Heartily Congratulations to Shubham Bhore ( Final Year EXTC_C ) for being Selected in state level competition under the guidance of Prof. M. A. Gawande, which will contact on 26th – 29th Jan’2017 At Swami Ramanand Tirth Marathwada University Nanded.