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About I. I. I. & C.R Cell

Industry Institute Interaction & Corporate Relation Cell

I. I. I. & C.R Cell looks after Career Planning, Personality Development, Industry-Institute Interaction, Summer Implant Training, Industrial Visits, Entrepreneurship Development, Guest Lectures & Campus Interviews. To Cater Personality Development aspect of students, this cell organises different types of Guest Lectures & Training Activities.

Industry Institute Interaction is done through this training & placement cell which provides Industry exposure to the students. In vacation period implant training & industrial tour is organised by the cell through which the students get practical industrial experience. To fulfill the technical human resource demand of industry this cell continuously interacts with the industry and organises on campus placement activities for the eligible students, through which students get final placement in the Industry.

Continuous interaction of the cell with the Alumina also helps in achieving the above goals & motivating students to contribute in this direction. This cell has facility of Orell iTell language software which helps students to improve English Language & Communication Skill. Extra curricular activities like Mock Practices & Demonstrations on Group Discussion, Interview Techniques, Communication Skill, Personality Development & Aptitude Development is carried out throughout the year for third and final year Students with the help of respective students’ committees of the different Departments.  To improve the efficiency of faculties Special Training Programs for faculty is organized in summer and winter semester on key areas like TIME Management, STRESS Management, Teaching Techniques, Communication Skill and Total Quality Management (T.Q.M.) by well-known agencies. A Special Training Program for third and final year Students is regularly organised in summer vacation under the department. Students are trained on Aptitude Test, G.D., P.I. and Communication Skill. Mock aptitude test sessions are also conducted for students’ practice.

 Training and Placement Contact Persons:

Prof. Swapnil V. Potdar

(Dean, Industry Institute Interaction & Corporate Relation)

Contact: 9226338702


Dr. Nikita J. Gupta

(Asso. Dean, Industry Institute Interaction & Corporate Relation)

Contact: 9028223838


Placement Committee

Prof. G.D. Govindwar

Central Placement Coordinator


Prof. N. D. Shelokar

Central Training Coordinator


Prof. M. V. Dambale

Central T&P coordinator

Contact: 9922294789

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering:

Prof. R. U. Vaidya


Prof A.V. Zade


Dept. of Information Technology:

Prof. V.P. Vaidya




Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication:

Prof. S.D. Bonde


Prof. A.A. Ingle


Dept. of Civil Engineering: 

Prof. A. S. Attal


Dept. of Mechanical Engineering: 

Prof. A. K. Anasane


Dept. of Business Administration: 

Prof. S. N. Sarda



Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering: 

Prof. A. V. Pande


 Prof. N. G. Gupta


 Dept. of Information Technology:

Prof. S. R. Kamble


Prof. S. P. Palaskar

Contact: 8793769846

Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication:

Prof. E. G. Rajgure


Prof. S. D. Jirapure

Contact: 9011324248

Dept. of Civil Engineering:

Prof. R. B.Wath


Dept. of Mechanical Engineering:

 Prof. S. S. Jamkar


Expanded Committee:

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering:

 Prof.  A. A. Bardekar


Dept. of Information Technology:

 Prof. A. R. Thakur


Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication:

 Dr. A. S. Joshi


Dept. of Civil Engineering:

 Prof. A.V. Tiwari


Dept. of Mechanical Engineering:

 Prof.A.M. Wankhade


Alumina Incharge: Prof. G.V. Dahake(9096940059)

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Placement News Board

congratulations Ms.Bhargavi Upaddhaye,Dept.of IT for getting successfully placed in GlobalLogic Pvt. Ltd.
congratulations Mr.Abishekh Donge,Dept.of IT for getting successfully placed in Smart Data Enterprises.
congratulations Ms.Anjali Verma for getting successfully placed in IBM Ltd.
congratulations Ms.Rutuja Deshmukh,Mr.Shubham Sawarkar,Mr.Piyush Pahade of CSE dept. for getting successfully placed in Coditas Tech. Ltd.
congratulations all the placed students of CSE,Ele.Telecomm dept. ,IT dept.for getting successfully placed in Beldar Tech.Ltd.
congratulations Mr.Akshay Ajmire and Mr.Saurabh Raut, Dept of MBA .Ltd. for getting placed in D-Mart