Training & Workshop

As today Industry is growing with its own speed and demanding equality equality human resource as a workforce. To transform Industry needed human resource,student should undergo a quality training program along with their regular academics. By knowing the importance of this need of Industry,a quality training program is being framed for the students from first year onwards.The training slots are included into the regular time tables so that students can attend and practice on regular basis.We know soft skills and technical skills are the crucial factors for students to get success in any Industry,therefore through I.I.I. & C. R. Cell soft skill traning is taken care of. Soft Skills includes General Aptitude,Group Discussion Techniques,Personal Interview Techniques,Behavioral Attitude Development ,Personality Development ,Resume Writing ,Gesture,Posture,Attire Sense Etc. To Improve Technical Skill sets of students different technical workshops are been organized by the respective departments on the topics which deal with current technologies and scenario prevalent in the Industry. In addition to this ,different activities are also organized for students through various clubs in the Institute to facilitate their overall development.