Technology & Innovation Club


    Techno-Vishkaar aims to encourage students to take up innovative projects that hold potential to make a tangible difference to the community.


1. To foster a learning attitude related to the technologies which would help to develop knowledge in various fields.

2.  To encourage students to indulge themselves in various research and development activities.

3. To arrange various activities & events like technical workshop, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, industrial visits, live projects and mini projects to enhance their learning experiences.

Faculty Advisor
Contact No:9405423935

Student Members

Governing BodyYear/Branch DesignationContact no
Yogita VyasIV INSTChairman9011765529
Shivani ThakareIV EXTCVice-Chairman8788226275
Monika ChhanganiIV CSESecretary7057890711
Rohit HirulkarIII CSETreasurer7083004359
Ashish KakneIII CSEDigitization Head8625078344


Techno-विष्कार Club Activities

1. Technical Workshop Program.
2. Technical competition Program.
3. Seminar lecture Program.
4. Experts lecture Program.
5. Free webinar Program.
6. Mini project Competition.
7. Industrial visit Program.
8. Project Competition.