Social Activity Club(जिव्हाळा)


जिव्हाळा is the art of connecting yourself to the souls in need, to feel their sorrows, to sense their emptiness. The club urges to help the people in need and make the society a better place  to live in.


  1. To generate awareness about the contemporary social and environmental issues in the context of sustainability and social responsibility.
  2. It focuses on  sustainable development and charity work with the passion for volunteerism and inciting change.
Faculty Advisor Prof. S. H. Ingle Contact No9975999117 Student Members
Governing BodyYear/Branch DesignationContact no
Sakshee BansodThird year CSEPresident
Kajal RajputThird year CSEVice President
Sushil MohadThird year ITSecretary
Prasad BhutadaThird year CSETreasurer

  Social Club Activities:

  • Eye Checkup Camp
  • Environmental awareness program
  • Donation of clothes to needy
  • Rural upliftment program
  • Visit to Old-age home
  • Traffic rule awareness in Jr. College
  • Proper use of natural resources
  • Awareness about child labour.
  • Guidance to families of farmer who commit suicide regarding education and marriage of their wards.
  • Women’s empowerment in rural areas