Sipna college of engineering and technology, Amravati


िज ाळा is social activity club founded and working in Sipna college of engineering and technology ,Amravati. Jivhala is the art of connecting yourself to the souls in need, to feel their sorrows, to sense their emptiness. Develop an urge to do something for them, to make them happy in any way you can and when you will see a single smile on their faces because of you.

We are a group of dedicated students who aim to use the club as a venue for awareness and learning of contemporary social and environmental issues in the context of sustainability and social responsibility. The club is composed of a small, but diverse group of students who share common interests in sustainable development and charity work, and the passion for volunteerism and inciting change.

Faculty member

Sr. No Member Name Branch Mobile Number
1 Dr. A. P. Thakare EXTC 9422156484
2 Prof. S. H. Ingle MECH 9975999117
3 Prof. Y. S. Khandekar CIVIL 9423649788
4 Prof. C. R. Bundele MECH 9422856373
5 Prof. G. D. Govindwar IT 9405006503
6 Prof. A. V. Sable CSE 7709749424
7 Prof. H. N. Watane IT 8983522773
8 Prof. G. V. Dahake IT 9096940059
9 Prof. M. V. Dambale MBA 9822294789
10 Prof. S. S. Desai EXTC 9503040111
11 Prof. A. H. Kadu EXTC 8600645822

  Activities :

  • Environmental awareness program
  • Donation of cloths to needy
  • Rural upliftment program
  • Visit to Old-age home
  • Traffic rule awareness in Jr. College
  • Proper use of natural resources
  • Educate child labors
  • Guidance to families of farmer who commit suicide regarding education and marriage of their wards.
  • Women’s empowerment in rural areas