Congratulations Sipnoids !!! All 300+ Students Placed in 2018-19 Till Date

Campus Placement 2018-19

Sr.No.Name Of Company BranchDesignationPackage (LPA)Selected Candidates
1TCSComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; MechSoftware Trainee3 Lacs17
2WiproComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee Software Engineer3.5 Lacs1
3L&T Info TechALL BRANCHESTrainee Software Engineer2
4Tech MahindraComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; MechSoftware Developer2.6 tO 3.8 Lacs17
5Atos SyntelComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Engineer3
6CognizantComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Engineer1
7Dhoot Transmission Pvt. LtdElect & Telecomm.Engg.; MechEmployee Trainee Engineer1.2 Lacs117
8CollaberaALL BRANCHESTR/ AAM3.24 Lacs7
9ICEICOComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Junior Software Developer2 Lacs3
10ttech IndiaALL BRANCHES10
11Global LogicComp.sci.& Engg.; IT4.8 Lacs1
12Tudip TechnologiesComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Associate Project Engineer3 Lacsto 3.50 Lacs1
13Axiom TechGuru Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Junior Software Developer3 Lacs3
14VeerITComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Web Developer3
15JK InnovativeComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Junior Software Engineer2.8 Lacs3
16Techinfini Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITJunior Software Engineer2
17Ercess Pvt. LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; ITJunior Software Engineer1
18Cryptex TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; ITJunior Software Engineer5
19EsscalateALL BRANCHESTrainee Engineer2
20Sood Tower & ConstructionCivilTrainee Engineer3 Lacs2
22AmazonAll BranchesCustomer Service Associate2.07 Lacs4
233HAll BranchesMechanical Design Engineers; Software/ IT Engineers; Electronics Engineers1.8 Lacs1
24GurukiliAll BranchesSales Manager2.4 Lacs32
25Epic researchAll BranchesAssociate Financial Consultant (AFC) Global/Domestic2.93 Lacs13
26Tech MahindraAll BranchesVOICE3
27ConneQTAll BranchesBPO20
28GenpactAll BranchesTechnical Support3
29Money India ResearchAll Branches6
30RedmiAll BranchesTechnical Operator9
31Unikaihatsu Software Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT1
32National Printing ParkComp.sci.& Engg.; ITTrainee Software Engineer1
34Square YardsMBABusiness development Manager1
35Naresh Engineering WorkMechEmployee Trainee Engineer5
36Money Plant Investment AdvisoryMBATrainee Business Analyst1
38KarvyMBATrainee  Equity Advisor1
40Hiferk Technologies Pvt, LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.2
41Firstnaukari.comComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech; Civil0
42EPAMComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Junior Software Engineer6 Lacs0
43Aurus TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Application Developer2.4 Lacs0
44Pratiti TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech Software Engineer4.5 Lacs0
45GAITAll BranchesInternship Drive24 Lacs0
46Raja SoftwareComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer4 tO 4.5 Lacs0
47NeosoftComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Engineer2.4 Lacs0
48ParamatrixComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee Software Engineer2..04 tO 4.14 Lacs0
49Persistant InternshipComp.sci.& Engg.; IT0
50PragmasysComp.sci.& Engg.; IT0
51Pratian TechnologiesComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer4 Lacs0
52EleationMech ; CivilCAE Trainer and CAE Project Engineer2.4 Lacs0
53Demand FarmComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Engineer4 to 5 Lacs0
54MindtreeComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech0
56MphasisComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Associate Software Engineer2.5 Lacs0
57AmazonALL BRANCHES (PASSOUT)Selling Partner Support2.9 Lacsto 3.5 Lacs0
58VVDNComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee – Embedded SW/Embedded HW/QA/Cloud3.2 Lacs0
59Triveni turbinesMech0
60Webtech DevelopersComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer0
61 Samudra Institute of Maritime StudiesMechMarine Engineer0
62Eternus Solutions Pvt. LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; ITTrainee3.6 Lacs0
63Apaha Trainers and ConsultantsCivilTrainee Quantity Surveyor, Trainee Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Engineer0
64IJTL TechnologiesElect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech R&D, Design, Quality, Purchase, PPC, & Testing.2.10 Lacs0
65EzestComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Junior Software Developer0
66Cholamandalam FinanceALL BRANCHES0
67IIHTComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.0
69Novatech Software Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee0
70Tab SquareComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Data Scientist, Data Engineering, Data Analyst0
71Oracle Financial ServicesMBAAssociate/Analyst0
72Pinnaculum Pvt LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Android/ Java Devloper1.2 Lacs0
73Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutionsAll Branches0

Campus Placement 2017-18

1Proto tech solution Pvt Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITApplication Developer2.75 Lacs0
2Eternus Solution Pvt Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Executive3.6 Lacs3
3Cybage Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Trainee3.6 Lacs1
4Smart DataComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Trainee2.5 Lacs2
5Global LogicComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Trainee4.5 Lacs0
6Swift Infocom (India) Pvt. Ltd.All BranchesSoftware Trainee2.3 Lacs0
7AmazonAll BranchesCustomer Service Associate1.75 Lacs13
8JuspayComp.sci.& Engg.; ITApplication Developer2.5 Lacs0
9IASYS Pvt.LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Application Developer2.8 Lacs1
10INNOEYEComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Trainee3 Lacs0
11MPHASISComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Trainee1.8 Lacs0
12TechinfiniComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee1.8-2.5 Lacs0
13GAIT Online TestComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.        –      –     –
14EPIC ResearchComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Associate Financial Consultant2.61 Lacs19
15AXIOM TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer        –3
16BYNRY TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer1.2-1.4 Lacs0
17FACEComp.sci.& Engg.; ITAdvisor2.64 Lacs0
18E ZEST TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee1.2-1.4 Lacs0
19Sedna InfosystemsComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee1.2-1.4 Lacs4
20UNIVERSAL EducationComp.sci.& Engg.; ITAssociate Trainer2.4 Lacs1
21ProTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer2.5—3 Lacs0
22Heap Trace Technology Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Net Developer2–3 Lacs0
23Shiksha Management Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer2–3 Lacs0
24Soft MatrixITIT Software trainee72000 PA2
25Way 2 CapitalAll BranchesBusiness Analyst3.45 Lacs36
26Motion DrivetronicsElect & Telecomm.Engg.; MechGraduate Trainee Engineer1.8 Lacs3
27Trivo Pvt. Ltd.Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech; MBATrainee Engineer1.2 Lacs10
28GLOBAL SPACEComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer2.4 Lacs0
29MilopleComp.sci.& Engg.; IT; MBASoftware Trainee2.4 Lacs0
30Collabera Tech. Pvt. Ltd.All BranchesBusiness Analyst4.5 Lacs1
31CAPITAL FIRSTComp.sci.& Engg.; ITRelationship Manager3.8 Lacs0
32Pinnaculum Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee       –4
33Raja SoftwareComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer4 Lacs0
34PratianComp.sci.& Engg.; ITBack end Developer3-3.5 Lacs0
35GS labComp.sci.& Engg.; ITIntern software development4.5 Lacs0
36EPAMComp.sci.& Engg.; ITJunior software Engineer4.5 Lacs0
37ParamatrixComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee software Engineer2.04-4.14 Lacs0
38CINIFComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Trainee        –11
39ARETEComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee Engineer2.0-3.0 Lacs10
40Orange byteComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer1.2 Lacs2
41CMS ITComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee Engineer2.0-3.0 Lacs7

Campus Placements 2016-17

1Epic Research Pvt Ltd.All BranchesAssociate Financial Consultant2.5 Lacs7
2Tudip Technologies Pvt LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.  –2.5 to 3.00 Lacs7
3Pompeii Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Graduate Engineer-Trainee3.05 Lacs18
4AmazonAll BranchesTechnical Support2.07 Lacs7
5IBMComp.sci.& Engg.; ITAssociate System Engineer3.2 Lacs28
6ETKIN InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Word Press/Android Developer1.08 Lacs6
7OpulentComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Engineer and Trainer1.44 Lacs4
8Sai Infocorp Pvt.Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITDeveloper72k to 1.8 Lacs1
9FendahlComp.sci.& Engg.; ITJr.Software Engineer1.5 Lacs3
10IASYSComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.  –1
11Excellon SoftwareComp.sci.& Engg.; IT –3.00 to 3.20 Lacs1
12Unitelworks wireless solutions Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Technical Support1.8 – 3.0 Lacs3
13Neosoft TechnologiesComp.sci.& Engg.; IT  –2.16 Lacs0
14ProTech Solutions,Comp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Software Developer2.75 Lacs0
15Unisoft Internship ProgramComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Trainee Software Engineer1.2 Lacs0
16Paramatrix TechnologiesComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.  –   –0
17FendalComp.sci.& Engg.; ITJr. Software Engineer1.5 Lacs0
18Raja Software LabComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer4 Lacs0
19BitWiseComp.sci.& Engg.; ITTrainee Programmer3 Lacs0
20HCL TECHNOLOGYComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.Service Desk Engineer and Data Centre Operations1.8 to 2.5 Lacs0
21Xento SystemComp.sci.& Engg.; IT0
22kreativasarg TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer1.4 to 3 Lacs0
23Clear PointComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer1.4 to 3 Lacs0
24FluidmonicsComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer1.4 to 3 Lacs0
25PINACULLUM Infotech Pvt.Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer 
26iASYSComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.1.8to 2.5 Lacs0
27Mphasis Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITVoice Hearing1.8 to 2.2 Lacs0
28GenpactComp.sci.& Engg.; ITTechnical Support1.8 to 3.6 Lacs0
29LogituteComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer2.5 to 3 Lacs0
30Merce TechnologyComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware / Application Engineer2.4 Lacs0
31Flucrum Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITIntern ship0
32Celox Tech.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer/Programmer, Software Tester.2.4 to 3 Lacs0
33Pratian Tech Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITBack end Developer / QA& Testing/ EDW Developer3 Lacs0
34Shreeram FinanceAll BranchesManagement Trainee2.16 – 2.48 Lacs0
35Netwin Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer1.4 TO 2.4 Lacs0
36Reliance JioAll Branches0
37Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITAssociate Android Developer2.2 Lacs0
38PEOL Technologies Pvt LtdComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSAP Developer0
39HSBCComp.sci.& Engg.; IT;Elect & Telecomm.Engg.; Mech; Civil ACE’s & Striker7 TO 12 Lacs0
40EbixComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer1.8 to 2 Lacs0
41InfoceptComp.sci.& Engg.; ITAssociate3.5 Lacs0
42Protech Pvt. Ltd Programmer & Developer2.75 tO 3.00 Lacs0
43MZOS Pvt. Ltd.Comp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer0
44eclinical workComp.sci.& Engg.; ITTrainee2.66 to 3.00 Lacs0
45wayzonComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer2.5 to 3 Lacs0
46MRR SOFTComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer0
47OxygenComp.sci.& Engg.; ITBusiness Associate1.4 to 1.6 Lacs0
48EzestComp.sci.& Engg.; ITSoftware Developer2.5 Lacs0
49GriferComp.sci.& Engg.; ITAssistant Manager3.6 Lacs0