Club name:- “Attitude” (personality development club)


1.To develop self-confidence and effectively perform in professional and personal environment.
2.Polishing manners to behave appropriately in social and professional circles.
3.Developing and maintaining a positive attitude and being assertive.
4.To evaluate our strength and weaknesses to be able to work on them for a better future.
5.To be able to handle difficult situations with grace,style and professionalism.
6.Helping to overcome one’s flaw together.

Faculty in-charges:

1Prof.Rakhi Gupta9689926899
2Prof.Ashvin Pand9096203634

Working Bodies:-

2SecretaryAnuj Rewane88054352333TresurerMithilesh Band8806187978

1Vice presidentPrachi Chavan9764461981


2Shamal Thakare8975705687

1Juhi Shah7558654030
3Samreen Sayed9405078366
4Akshay Manekar9075947936
5Rashi Kale8412815893
6Shikhar Baniya9422917158

Personality Development Club Activities