Sipna Cultural Club (SCC)


1. To promote student’s interest in music, dance, drama and other cultural activities which not only help them to identify themselves, but also enhance their social skills besides their professional education.
2. To reinforce the students to maintain healthy and social relationships with other members of the club and provide healthful forms of relaxation and recreation.
3. To help the students to cultivate and preserve Indian culture and also update students with the modern trends in dance and music.
4 To develop the relationships and responsibilities of all collaborators for developing professional habits.
5 To apply value systems, aesthetics and approaches through performance.

Advisory body :

• A committee of staff members of Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati
• To guide the student’s committees from time to time and to resolve controversial issues.

Governing body

• Governing body member should be a registered member of the club.
• Governing body is a committee of 4 students selected by advisory body on the basis of their merits.
• It includes
(a) The President presides at all meetings, appoints committee and chairpersons.
(b) The Vice-President assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence. and assist the President in his/her work.
(c) The Secretary takes minutes of meetings, prepares agendas, keeps list of member’s names and addresses along with all necessary documentation.
(d) Treasurer keeps records of financial transactions, fund raising projects, and follows college financial policies and procedures
• Disciplinary issues which lead to complaining about the member is to be resolved by the governing body.
• Event schedule is to be designed by governing body.
• Club web pages should be created on Sipna college website and kept up-to-date with relevant information including past and upcoming events of the club.
• Club budgets must be approved by authorities and should be meticulously maintained along with the essential proofs.
• President and Secretary should report the club status from time to time to advisory body and seek the guidance as and when necessary
• President of the club should submit annual report to the advisory body, consolidating all information and activities in a year.


• Coordinator should be a registered member of the club.
• It includes coordinators for Music, Dance and Theatre (one for each).
• Club coordinators will be selected by advisory and governing body on their merits.
• The Coordinator has to shoulder the responsibilities for planning, facilitating and publicizing all activities of the club, in coordination with Governing body.


• Club membership is open to all the students of the institute
• Any student of the institute can register as a club member by filling a membership form and depositing annual membership fee of Rs 50/- .
• Club Membership will be available on a first come, first served basis.
• Club membership card will be issued to the student on registration.
• Members should actively participate in club activities


a).Any event sanctioned by Advisory and Governing body
b) Workshops – Guidance by eminent professionals
c) Participation at different platforms.
c) Personal Practice.

Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations are adopted by the students and for the students in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws. It is the intention of the Club to limit these Rules and Regulations to the minimum required for the sole purpose of enjoyment and recreation. The obligation of enforcing these Rules and Regulations for the good of all Members is placed primarily in the hands of a carefully selected and trained staff. Their principle responsibility is to assure you of all the courtesies, comforts, and service to which you, as a Member of a cultural club, are entitled. It is furthermore the duty of the Members of the club to know these Rules and Regulations and to cooperate with the Club staff in their enforcement.

1. Committee-members should ensure that all activities are planned and executed in strict accordance of institute rules and regulations
2. All the members have to carry their Membership I-cards.
3. Club must handle college resources carefully during all events
4. Participants must follow the schedule and take part in all activities meant for them.
5. No one is allowed to transfer any equipment from Music Club without the permission of Coordinators
6. Misbehaviour, irregularity and breach of rules can lead to severe fine and/or cancellation of membership.
7. Advisory and Governing body have complete authority to revise the rules as and when required.

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Pravin Malasane(Dept. of F.Y. Engg )- 9860082099
Prof. Prem Jakhotiya (Dept. of Mech Engg)-9823666011
Prof. Ashsh Bardekar( Dept. of IT)-9923022088
Prof. Swapnil Sawalkar(Dept. of IT)-9860071758
Prof. Ashish Wankhade (Dept. of Mech Engg)-9623446302
Prof. Prathamesh Wankhade- (Dept. of EXTC Engg)-9028603013
Prof. Parag Gadwe (Dept. of MBA)-9822702686
Prof. Ambarish Bhuyar (Dept. of IT)-9665355488
Prof. Apurva Parandekar(Dept. of IT)-9766243857

Governing Body Members

Mr.Aniket Kale(IIIrd Yr.CMPS) -President-(8983783993)
Mr.Shubham Malode(IIIrd Yr.Mech)-Vice President(7745029148)
Miss. Swarda Mokashi(IIIrd Yr.CMPS)-Secretory(8087738455)
Miss. Krishna Tawari(IIIrd Yr.CMPS)-Tresurer(9404556761)

                                              MUSIC CLUB ACTIVITIES

"A Music of Harmonica" Guidance program by Shri Devendraji Gupta On 14/3/18-Sipna Carnival.

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