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About Department

   The evergreen branch in engineering stream finds its way from the day the stone-age man chiseled his first tool for progressing towards the artificial hands which holds the tool. The fold of mechanical engineering has come a long way. Today, apart from the core areas like the automobile industry, mining, aerospace engineering and material sciences, a mechanical engineer finds his utility in areas such as Medical Sciences, the IT industry and banking sectors.

Mechanical engineering curriculum is diverse and it is central to so many modern industries (e.g. Aerospace, Shipping, Defense Armaments, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Biomedical, Automobile, Mechatronics, etc.) and hence individual mechanical engineers are employed in a wide range of engineering endeavours, from initial research and development of a product to manufacturing and marketing.

In a way, mechanical engineers are involved in creating the future. The work of a Mechanical Engineer can be extremely challenging and fulfilling, requiring IT, design and analytical skills together with an ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.

  • The Department of Mechanical engineering is committed to produce competent engineering graduates through quality teaching learning process, research and industry institute interaction so as to shoulder the responsibilities of nation building.
  • To develop well equipped teaching learning environment for the benefit of students.
  • To develop mutually beneficial relationship with industries and understand the  needs of the industries.
  • To promote the faculties and students to actively participate in research activities.
  • To educate students about professional & ethical responsibilities and train them to build leadership and entrepreneurship qualities for their career development.


Faculty Profile

Dr. S. S. Ingole

Associate Professor & Head

Ph. D., M.E.(Prod.Tech & Mgmt.)

25 Years Exp.

Prof. S. H. Ingle

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Prod.Tech & Mgmt.)

17 Years Exp.

Prof. S. B. Malani

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Prod.Tech & Mgmt.)

15 Years Exp.

Prof. A.M. Wankhade

Assistant Professor


17 Year Exp.

Prof. P. M. Kurwade

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Thermal Engg.)

7.5 Years Exp.

Prof. P. R. Jakhotiya

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(Thermal Engg.)

17 Years Exp.

Prof. A. K. Anasane

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(Prod. Engg.)

6 Years Exp.


Prof. A. S. Gadre

Assistant Professor

M.E.(Prod. Engg.)

12 Years Exp.

Prof. P. A. Ganthade

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(CAD / CAM)

4 Years Exp.

Prof. A. D. Bhandarkar

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Thermal Engg.)

4 Years Exp.

Prof. S. S. Jamkar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(Prod. Engg.)

3 Years Exp.

Prof. S. S. Kalmegh

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(Thermal. Engg.)

3.5 Years Exp.

Prof. G. D. Mandavgade

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.E. (CAD/CAM)

8 Years Exp.

Technical Supporting Staff:
  • Shri. P.T.Wankhade
  • Shri. D.M. Raut
  • Shri. C.A. Bhatkule
  • Shri. R.C. Pawar
  • Shri. A.P. Deshmukh
  • Shri. N.G. Marulkar
  • Shri. R.C. Baraskar
  • Shri. P. H. Sahu
  • Shri. P. S. Raiter

Departmental Activities News Letters

Syllabus for B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Credit Grade System:

Time Table:

Scheme for B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Credit Grade System:

    B.E. Project Formats

        • Seminar report  format,Certificate,Cover page,Report guidelines… click here
    A Seminar on “Being A Winner” for III & II year students on 09th January, 2019 by chief guest Mr. Abhishek Darange A Seminar on “CAD/CAM/CAE Technology & Future Career in Design” for IV, III & II year students on 16th January, 2019 by chief guest Mr. Amit Kautka
    Details of Industrial Visit
    Sr.DepartmentsessionName of IndustryDate of VisitNo. of Students
    01Mechanical Engineering2018-19Amravati Metal Works, Saturna MIDC, Amravati.26/03/1948
    02Mechanical Engineering2018-19Jadhao Icon, MIDC, Amravati.26/03/1948
    03Mechanical Engineering2018-19Sengar Industries,MIDC, Amravati.15/03/1955
    04Mechanical Engineering2018-19Jadhao Steel & Alloys, MIDC, Amravati15/03/1955
    05Mechanical Engineering2018-19Amravati Metal Works, Saturna MIDC, Amravati.05/02/1933
    06Mechanical Engineering2018-19Surya Lakshmi Cotton Mills, Nandgaon Peth, Amravati.05/02/1933
    07Mechanical Engineering2018-19Rattan India Power Ltd, Nandgaon Peth, Amravati.25/01/1940
    08Mechanical Engineering2017-18Surya Lakshmi Cotton Mills, Nandgaon Peth,Amravati.15/02/1853
    09Mechanical Engineering2017-18Jadhao Steel & Alloys,MIDC,Amravati.09/02/1845
    10Mechanical Engineering2016-17Sharda Motor Industries Ltd. Nashik06/02/1723
    11Mechanical Engineering2016-17PragatiUdyog Ltd., Nashik06/02/1723
    12Mechanical Engineering2016-17Right Tight Fasteners.07/02/1723
    13Mechanical Engineering2016-17Nashik Engineering Cluster, Nashik07/02/1723
    14Mechanical Engineering2016-17Nashik Engineering Cluster, Nashik.16/10/1655
    15Mechanical Engineering2016-17Jadhav Gears Pvt. Ltd., Amravati16/08/1640
    16Mechanical Engineering2015-16Jadhao Steel & Alloys Ltd., Amravati26/10/1560
    • Name:  Dr. S. S. Ingole, Head of  Mechanical Engineering.
    • Office Contact No: (0721) 2522342 (Ext.)801
    • Email:

    Programme Education Outcomes(PEO):
    PEO.1  Acquire the fundamental knowledge in Basic Sciences, Thermal, Design, and Manufacturing Technologies.
    PEO.2 Develop an ability to interpret and analyze data, formulate and design acceptable solutions to industrial problems.
    PEO.3 Effectively function in a team environment with ethical attitude and interact with people of diverse background.
    PEO.4 Pursue higher studies / research in core / allied domains.
    PEO.5 Secure entry level position in Public / Private sector organizations.

    Programme Outcomes(PO):

    Engineering Graduates will be able to:

    PO.1 Engineering knowledge:

    Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

    PO.2 Problem analysis:
    Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

    PO.3 Design/development of solutions:
    Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

    PO.4 Conduct investigations of complex problems:
    Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

    PO.5 Modern tool usage:
    Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

    PO.6 The engineer and society:
    Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

    PO.7 Environment and sustainability:
    Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

    PO.8 Ethics:
    Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

    PO.9 Individual and teamwork:
    Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multi disciplinary settings.

    PO.10 Communication:
    Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

    PO.11 Project management and finance:
    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multi disciplinary environments.

    PO.12 Life-long learning:
    Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

    Programme Specific Outcomes(PSO):

    PSO.1 Demonstrate an ability to apply the acquired knowledge in core Mechanical Engineering areas.
    PSO.2 Resolve technical and social issues with imagination, creativity, confidence and responsibility.
    PSO.3 Enhance professional career by accepting challenging tasks through lifelong learning, core competency and team spirit.
    PSO.4 Demonstrate awareness towards socio-economical, environmental and ethical aspects.

    Under Graduate

    Under Graduate – B. E. (Mechanical Engineering)

    Sr. NoCourseIntake
    01B.E.  (Mechanical Engineering)60


    CAD/CAM Lab


    • To make students aware of the design practices using computer software and help them to acquire the knowledge and apply it in different fields thereby increasing the productivity.

    Major Equipments:

    • 3D Printer- Fused Filament Fabrication,
      Size- 150x150x150 mm,
      Material- PLA
    • 25 Desktop Computers
      Intel i7 processor
      2 GB Graphics
      8GB RAM
      1TB HDD



    • To work and participate in multidisciplinary environments as well as to develop entrepreneurship skills.
    • To increase the knowledge as a metallurgist in manufacturing and service industries.

    Major Equipments:

    • Double Disc Polishing Machine
    • Belt Grinding Machine
    • Inclined Monocular Microscope
    • Inverted Trinocular Microscope
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Brinell Hardness Tester.



    • The Automation Lab is an arrangement of robotic arm and automated machines. The lab environment simulates small manufacturing lines by requiring the use of multiple electromechanical inputs to invoke a controlled sequence of outputs.

    Major Equipments:

    • CNC Mill Machine
    • Articulated Robot Arm



    • In RAC Lab, students get practical knowledge on compressors, Air Conditioners, freezers and various devices related to refrigeration and air conditioning so as to make students aware of the sector.

    Major Equipments:

    • Refrigeration Test Rig
    • Air Conditioning Test Rig
    • Thermohygrometer
    • Digital Thermo Anemometer
    • Display Board: Cut Section Models



    • Heat Transfer laboratory provides fundamental knowledge about modes of heat transfer like conduction, convection and radiation and their applications.

    Major Equipments:

    • Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus.
    • Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus.
    • Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder Apparatus.
    • Heat Transfer from Pin Fin Apparatus
    • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus.
    • Heat Transfer in Forced Convection Apparatus.
    • Heat Transfer in Natural Convection Apparatus
    • Counter and Parallel Flow Measurement Apparatus.



    • From the Energy conversion lab, students get knowledge about various boilers with their application and the practical applications of the systems that are used in thermal industries.

    Major Equipments:

    • Two stage Air Compressor
    • Centrifugal Blower
    • Model of Lancashire Boiler, Cornish Boiler, Babcock Wilcox Boiler, Locomotive Boiler



    • To give students practical knowledge on brake power, indicated power, heat losses, etc. related to S.I. and C.I. Internal Combustion Engines.
    • To give them the know-how of nozzles and fuel pumps used in an automobiles.

    Major Equipments :

    • 3 cylinder 4 stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
    • Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig
    • Single Plunger Fuel Pump Model
    • Fuel Injectors and Nozzles



    • The Laboratory provides various modes of measurement with different systems to make students aware of the different modes through with a certain quantity can be measured.

    Major Equipments:

    • Digital strain indicator apparatus
    • Dead weight pressure gauge apparatus
    • Thermocouple module apparatus
    • Study of LDR Apparatus
    • Digital Stroboscope Apparatus
    • Speed Measurement Pickup Apparatus
    • LVDT Apparatus
    • Tachometer
    • Digital Sound Level Indicator
    • Vibration Measurement Apparatus
    • Rotameter
    • Capacitance transducer for angular displacement



    • To make students capable of producing products from raw material(metal or wood) with the aid of different manufacturing techniques.

    Major Equipments:

    • Lathe Machine
    • Shaping Machine
    • Surface Grinder
    • Radial Drill Machine
    • Milling Machine
    • Spot welding machine
    • TIG and MIG welding machine.



    • To make the students aware of working of heavy machinery in workshop and help them acquire practical knowledge on lathe, milling, grinding machines, etc.

    Major Equipments:

    • Lathe Machine
    • Shaping Machine
    • Surface Grinder
    • Radial Drill Machine
    • Milling Machine
    • Spot welding machine
    • TIG and MIG welding machine.



    • To make students aware of the devices that can be used as an alternative for conventional energy producing resources as per the future requirements.

    Major Equipments:

    • Pyrliometer Sensor
    • Pyrhenometer



    • To make students aware about linear measurements, angular measurements, thread measurements more accurately and precisely with a focus on industrial production techniques. Students will get aware about various industrial standards, useful for mass production.

    Major Equipments:

    • Autocollimator
    • Profile Projector
    • Floating Carriage Micrometer



    • To make students aware of the practical working of mechanisms in a machine and get acquainted with kinematic as well as dynamic motion of links and systems

    Major Equipments:

    • Universal Vibration Apparatus
    • Static Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
    • Whirling of Shaft Apparatus
    • Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus

    Academic year 2018-19

    Title of the projectDeveloped ByGuided by
    01Design and fabrication of Modified Emission Control Unit using Cow Pee.Akash Mangrole, Aditya Zombade, Diptej Shiralkar, Rhishabh Girhe, Lalit Khobragade, Ashish Kolteke, Nilesh Wankhade, Nikita DandgeProf.P.R.Jakhotiya
    02Design and Fabrication of Automatic Drainage Cleaning System.Vaibhav Lathekar, Akash Budhalkar, Mahesh Hirulkar, Pranav Alone, Shubham Kanbale, Nikita Wasule, Gaurav Chandurkar, Kishan Mishra, Nitin KhobragadeProf.S.B.Malani
    03Design and Development of Femur using CAD/ CAM.Krunal Kohale, Trishul Mohoture, Rushikesh Nilkhan, Sujit Rathod, Anshul Bakhade, Shubham Malode, Aditya Deshmukh, Yogesh Warudkar, Siddhika AsutkarProf.P.A.Ganthade
    04Development and Testing of a Modified Desert Cooler.Shubham Kathane, Shubham Bhange, Pratik Gawai, Surajkumar Yadav, Kunal Ade, Sumit Randai, Shubham Rathi, Ajay Wankhade, Kajal GhateProf.S.S.Kalmegh
    05Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Punching Machine.Rupesh Wadhai, Ramesh Rasal, Yogeshwar Ambhore, Sanket Mathurkar, Pratik Mahore, Vrushabh Nanoti, Haridas Sonune, Ashwin Kantale, Archana SautkarProf.S.H.Ingle
    06Design and Fabrication of Plastic Thread Extracting Machine Machine.Akshay Chaukade, Bhupendra Dahale, Vishal Hiwarale, Saurabh Kute, Sushant Rahangdale, Ashutosh Pandharikar, Sarthak Deshmukh, Shubham Kadam, Dipali MohodProf.A.K.Anasane
    07Built Orientation Analysis in Rapid Prototyping.Prafful Naik, Radheya Gulhane, Mayuri Tekade, Pavan Wankhade, Aniket Patangrao, Kushal Katore, Kapil Tiple, Mayur RamtekeProf.A.M.Wankhade

    Academic year 2017-18

    Guided byTitle of the projectDeveloped By
    01Prof. P.A. GanthadeFabrication of handheld power tiller.Sonali Karule, Prerna Kathoke,
    Rushikesh Bhambadkar,Ajinkya Harne
    Abhijit Kasar,Akshay Mogarkar
    Rohit Patil,Yeshudas Pende
    Jaykumar Raut
    02Prof.S.H. IngleAgriculture push operated spray pump.Priya Kale, Ashish Chavhan,
    Prajyot Hulke,Shubham Itankar
    Rushikesh Kale,Prakash Khirade
    Ajay Lingot,Roshan Mande

    Prof.P.R. Jakhotiya

    Design and fabrication of emission reduction unit using cow pee.Shubham Mahule, Saurabh Khambalkar,
    Rohit Ganvir,Pawan Sawai
    Paritosh Chore,Saima Khan
    Jayesh Wadhai,Pankaj Wavare
    04Prof.C.R. Bundele

    Design and fabrication of wheat reaper.

    Pratik Bandabuche, Rachit Virulkar,
    Aniket Talokar,Prasad Swami
    Vaishnavi Kashikar,Himanshu Thakare
    Nikhil Satwani,Rohit Tatte

    Prof.A.M. Wankhade

    Automatic sugarcane node cutting machine.Gaurav Sangle, Pratik Wankhade,
    Vaibhav Chikate,Akash Harne
    Nadeem Pathan,Dipali Bajare
    Pratibha Lahane ,Nikhil Yadav
    06Prof. S.B. MalaniDesign and fabrication of staircase lift (Model).Priyanka Gaurkhede, Aditya Anjankar,
    Shubham Deshmukh,Amit Tatte
    Chinmay Kene ,Shreyas Parkhe
    Shubham Shahane,Rohit Kamble
    07Prof. A. K. AnasaneDesign and fabrication of body exoskeleton weight lifter and wearable chair.Vyankatesh Raut Narendra Raut
    Shubham Wankhade
    Aniket Mamurkar Harish Raut
    Shraddha Mirzapure
    Harshal Tank
    08Dr. S.S. IngoleFabrication of anti roll back and forward system.Gaurav Morande Manish Kathane
    Vijaykumar Bhati Girish Khandekar
    Rahil Mirza Madhavi Aage
    Pranay Ukey
    Rishabh Umale

    View all Placement Students information…Click Here.

    Events and ActivitiesGuest Lectures

    Student Activities – Extra Curricular
    Mechanical Engineering
    Session – 2018-2019

    Sr.No.DateEvent NameNumber
    0127/07/2018Kargil Vijay Diwas20Mr. Chandrashekhar
    A Seminar on “Laws of
    A.R. Bapat
    A Seminar organized in the
    Honor of Sir M. Visvesvaraya “Ignite
    Your Passion”:
    Neeta J.
    National Trainer,
    Jr. Chamber
    International India
    0427/10/2018A Seminar on “Stress
    Pratibha &
    Vinod Bhai
    0509/01/2019 A Seminar on “Being A
    Abhishek Darange

    Student Activity –Meeting with Industry Personnel Mechanical Engineering
    Session – 2018-2019

    Sr.Event nameDateNumber
    01Courtesy visit by Mr. Rumit D.
    Dave, DGM Gmmco CAT Ltd.
    Rumit D. Dave,
    DGM Gmmco
    CAT Ltd.

    Student Activity – Seminar / Guest Lectures Mechanical Engineering
    Session – 2018-2019

    Sr.Event nameDateNumber
    01A Seminar on “Research
    Project Requirements”:
    A.R. Bapat
    02A Seminar on “Design
    Training Placement Platform”:
    Shubham Somani,
    Founder IVTR,
    03A Seminar on “Automotive
    Wire Harness Design”
    Gaurav Chandak,
    Technology, Pune
    04A Seminar on “Six Sigma &
    its Carrier Significance”:
    Sudhir Kulkarni,
    Expert, VALADD
    Labs, Thane, M.S.
    05A Seminar on
    “CAD/CAM/CAE Technology &
    Future Career in Design”.
    Amit Kautkar.
    06A guest lecture on “
    Familiarization of Thermal Power
    21/01/201958Mr. Prakash
    07A guest lecture on
    “Mechanics of Materials”
    12/03/201936Mr. Rahul Muley
    08A guest lecture on “ Theory
    of Machines”
    12/03/201936Mr. Prakash
    Sr.Event nameOrganized byDateNumber of students
    01Formula cart design challenge 2018Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers, Bengaluru17/03/2018 to 19/03/201820
    02Kargil Vijay Diwas CelebrationMechanical Engineering Students’ Association26/07/17All students of the department

    Details of Guest Lectures/ Seminars

    Sr.SessionGuestEvent nameDateTarget Audience
    012016-17Mr. Tushar Landge,
    Sales Tax Officer,
    Amravati Office
    Competitive Exam Preparations and Career Opportunities24/01/17III year students
    022016-17Mr. Sushant Patanayak,
    COO, Right Tight Fasteners Ltd., Nasik
    Converting challenges into Opportunities24/12/16III year students
    032016-17Mr. Kirti Solanki,
    CAD Tech., Amravati
    CAD Software: A Comparison between leading software04/08/16III year students
    042015-16Dr. N.W. Kale,
    Professor, PRMITR, Badnera
    Opportunities and challenges for young entrepreneurs in Make in India11/02/16II year students

    Special Participation by students

    Sr.EventOrganized byDateNumber of students
    01Formula cart design challenge 2017Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers, Bengaluru20

    Inauguration of Mechanical

    Engineering Students’ Association

    Department of Mechanical Engineering17/03/17All students of the department

    Sr.Type of EventEvent nameNumber of studentsDate Name of expert
    01SeminarDesign Training
    2712/09/2018Mr. S.Somani,
    02SeminarIgnite your
    5427 Sept 2018Mrs. Neeta
    03SeminarWire harness4018 Sept.
    Mr. Gaurav
    04SeminarSix Sigma and its
    4619 Sept.
    Mr. Sudhir
    05SeminarResearch Project
    6628 Aug.
    Dr. Arun R.
    06SeminarLaws of Success6628 Aug.
    Dr. Arun R.
    07SeminarKargil Vijay
    2827 July

    Mr. Chandrashekhar


    Following is the list of the toppers for the exam Summer – 2018

    Final year (VIII Sem.)

    RankName Pointer
    INikhil Deepak Satwani9.44
    IIMirza Rahil Farhan Baig9.33
    IIIRhushabh Digambar Umale9.33

    Third year (VI Sem.)

    IAshutosh Ashok Pandharikar8.37
    IIKapil Vinodrao Tiple7.82
    IIIGaurav Mahadeo Chandurkar7.67

    Second year (IV Sem.)

    ITaha Hasan Ali8.84
    IIPrajwal Pralhadrao Yede8.28
    IIIPiyush Umesh Shrivastava8.08

    Following is the list of the toppers for the exam Winter – 2018

    Final year (VII Sem.)

    RankName Pointer
    IAshutosh Ashok Pandharikar8.19
    IIKishan Ganeshprasad Mishra8.15
    IIIShubham Dnayaneshwar Kanbale8.00

    Third year (V Sem.)

    RankName Pointer
    IAlkesh Gopalrao Pathe8.81
    IINitin Haridas Grespunje8.54
    IIIVedant Rajendra Gongal8.42

    Second year (III Sem.)

    RankName Pointer
    IVaibhav Kailash Jadhav8.24
    IIMukul Naresh Laddha8.12
    IIIYash Shankarlalji Joshi7.92

    Departmental News


    One Day National Level Conference on Technology for Sustainable Rural Development …click here

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering organise an STTP on “Non Destructive Testing-A Practical Approach” from 25th November 2019 to 30th November 2019…click here

    Registration form of AICTE-ISTE approved one week STTP on “Non Destructive Testing-A Practical Approach” from 25th Novwmber 2019 to 30th November 2019…click here

    Offroad Baggi of Imortal Sipnoids Club (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) was inaugurated …click here

    The students of Department of Mechanical Engineering are participating in the national level event Formula Kart Design Challenge organized by FMAE…..Click Here


    Immortal Sipnoids

    GoKart Trials