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Detail Sheet for Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Activity
Sr. No.Title of IPRApplicant/ Author NameDate of FilingApplication/ Diary  NumberStatus
1.Method and circuit for reduction of harmonic distortion and producing sinusoidal wave from square wave.Prof. Dr. Sandeep Rode, Prof. Dr. Siddharth Ladhake21/07/20091678/MUM/2009Under Process
2.FPGA Based hardware design for biometrics image compression using waveletProf. Sunil Singh Mungona, Prof. Dr. Siddharth Ladhake09/10/20154262/MUM/2015Filed
3.Programmable multifunction analog array design by mixed signalProf. Ujwal Ghate, Prof. Dr. Ajay Gurjar07/12/2016201621041881 APublished
4.Stand Alone Online Production Efficiency Monitor Using System On chip With In-built Serially Arranged Easy for reconfiguration Measurement DeviceProf. A. M. Agarkar, Mr. A. O. Devaliya, Prof. J. S. Edle19/11/20072270/MUM/2007APublished
5.Concurrent Architecture of Vedic Multiplier – An accelerator scheme for high speed computingProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. P R. Deshmukh30/08/20153315/MUM/2015Awaiting Examination
6.Intelligent power reduction techniques for indoor and outdoor applicationsProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Ajay P. Thakare24/09/20153642/MUM/2015Applied
7.Device and Interface for ternary logic using VLSI toolProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh19/11/20154359/MUM/2015Applied
8.Device detection systemProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh, Prof. Dr. Sonali Patil04/04/2016201621011604Applied
9.Flexible short circuit protected normal cum power plug pinProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Mr. Pranav Patil, Mr. Sagar Bhokse16/11/2016201621038995Provisionally Applied
10.Soil nutrients analysis and its prediction model by satellite imageryProf. Viraj Gulhane, Prof. Dr. Sandeep Rode31/05/2016201621018727Filed
11.Programmable multifunction analog array designed by mixed signalProf. Ujwal S. Ghate, Dr. Ajay Gurjar & Dr. Vilas Ghate07/12/2016201621041881Published
12.Method and integrated machine for construction of composite plastic bituminous concrete pavementProf. A. V. Tiwari22/07/20152781/MUM/2015Published
PCT Applications
1.Concurrent Architecture of Vedic Multiplier – An accelerator scheme for high speed computingProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. P R. Deshmukh30/08/2015PCT/IN2016/000117Applied
2.Device detection systemProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh, Prof. Dr. Sonali Patil04/04/2016PCT/IN2016/000128Applied
1.Run-in-run technologyProf. Dr. A. A. Gurjar 8442/2016-CO/LRegistered
2.Program SlicerProf. Dr. A. A. Gurjar 8444/2016-CO/LRegistered
3.Parallel Computing in distribution systemProf. Dr. A. A. Gurjar 8443/2016-CO/LRegistered
4.An adaptive algorithm for enhancement of OFDM channel performanceProf. Dr. Prafulla Gawande, Prof. Dr. Siddharth Ladhake03/11/201512140/2015-CO/LRegistered
5.Design and analysis of intelligent luminance management and real time counting system implementation using VHDL-FPGAProf.  Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Ajay P. Thakare27/10/201511809/2015-CO/LRegistered
6.VLSI Lab ManualProf. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh24/10/201511745/2015-CO/LAwarded
7.Sure complement ……assuring sure accuracyProf. Eshant Rajgure, Ms. Shubhada Harkut.25/05/20166211/2016-CO/LFiled
8.Study of hamming distance based polygram substitution cipher algorithm for codin optimization in data communicationProf. Dr. Atul joshi and Prof. Dr. Prashant Deshmukh17/03/20174505/2017-CO/LFiled
9.Arduino digital trainer kitProf. Jitendra S. Edle and Ms. Deepali Shewatkar17/02/20173190/2017-CO/LRegistered
10.Active warden and definite minimal requisite fedility for eleminating covert communication in TCP/IPDr. Dhananjay Dakhane & Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh30/12/201718755/2017-CO/LRegistered
11.Multi valued logic applications in the design of switching circuitsDr. Vishwas Gaikwad & Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh03/02/20181796/2018-CO/LRegistered
12.An efficient scheduling algorithm for real time system with energy harvestingMr. Girish Thakare and Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh20/02/20182599/2018-CO/LRe-Scrutiny
13.Online birth and death registration systemSipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati.29/03/20175365/2017-CO/SWRegistered
14.Sipna College of Engineering and Technology WebsiteSipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati.31/01/20181598/2018-CO/SWRegistered