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   With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, we understand what it takes to shape an aspirant into a proficient engineer. As a result the Information Technology department is striving very hard to produce quality professionals to hold important positions in IT industry. We believe in our ability to succeed, and to nurture an attitude of self-reliance, confidence, commitment and responsibility to the society that we are to serve.

   The department started the two years master of engineering (M.E.) full time programme in the year 2009.


Faculty Profile

Dr. V. S. Gulhane

Professor & Head

M.E(Comp. Science & Engineering), Ph.D

22 Years Exp.

Prof. A.B.Deshmukh

Assistant Professor

B.E, M.E,Ph.D(Pursuing)

21 Years Exp.



B.E.,M.E. (CSE)

14 Years Exp.

 Prof. H. N.Datir

Assistant Professor

M.E. Ph.D(Pursuing)

11 Years Exp.

Prof. R. L. Pardhi

System Administator


10 Years Exp.

Prof. J. S. Karnewar

Assistant Professor


9.0 Years Exp.

Prof.T. S.Rohankar

Assistant Professor


7 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor


5 Years Exp.

Prof. S. Z. Khan

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT), B.E

4 Yrs. Exp.

Prof. S. R. Kamble

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT) B. E

4.9 Yrs. Exp.

Prof. A. R. Bhuyar

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT), B.E.

4.9 Years Exp.

Prof. A. B. Parandekar

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT), B.E

4.9 Years Exp.


Prof. G. V. Dahake

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT), B.E.(IT.)

4.9  Yrs Exp.

Prof. G. D. Govindwar

Assistant Professor

M.E.,B. E.(IT)

9 Yrs. Exp.

Prof. A. J.Ade

Assistant Professor

M.E.,B. E.(IT)

4 Years Exp.

   Prof. A. R. Thakur

Assistant Professor


6.6 Yrs. Exp.

Prof. S. P. Palaskar

Assistant Professor


5.3 Yrs. Exp.

Prof. O. A. Jaisinghani

Assistant Professor

M.E.(IT),B. E.(IT) & PGDIT

4 Years Exp.(1 yr industrial)


Technical Supporting Staff:

1.Shri. Nandkishor B. Jawanjal

2.Shri. Bhushan V. Pauranik
3.Shri. Ravi P. Sawai

The Department has well equipped laboratories to run UG and PG programmes and research work for Ph.D. students



Lab is designed to perform practicals based on high end applications, best to identify the skills, knowledge, and attitudes the students should gain throughout the course. Lab consists of 64-bit i3 processors with all necessary tools and softwares.

Computer Network LAB 


Technology changes very rapidly, and needs are constantly shifting.  While balancing the costs associated with reliability, efficiency and availability of technology, goal is to provide the most useful practical knowledge based on subjects of IT syllabus.

Software Engineering LAB 


Lab enhances Knowledge and skills that are increasingly fundamental for students in research institutions. Explore novel effective ways of practical Implementations and Specialized curricula. These labs offer workstations based on generic hardware and interfaces.

IOT/Embedded LAB


The lab offer higher-end systems customized to provide digital workstations requires in research projects. The lab encourages our students to apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in their career and/or obtain an advanced degree.

Communication Engineering LAB


The lab offer access to standardized sets of software and hardware assets that serve needs from the entry level user to the advanced user to support specialized needs by providing information-technology programming skills

Web Technology LAB


The lab measure our student’s efficiency in terms of technical ability and skills needs for IT industry level of technological sophistication.

Programming Language LAB


The lab design for encompassing knowledge about system architecture, multimedia and expert system application building and development.

PG-Lab :

M.E. students have a separate and spacious laboratory equipped with latest 64 bit Computers with core i3 and core i5 systems and all the necessary tools. Research opportunities are provided with the state of art tools including D-Link Routers; Gigabit managed Switch; Wireless Equipment's like Routers, Access Point; 89C51 and development Boards for Embedded Systems.

Induction/Refresher Programme on Machine Learning and Research Methodologies in Engineering.

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Student Activity- Monthly Report (September 2017 & August-2017)

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IT Department carry out various events,programmes and student activities to motivate students to develop their interest in social cultural programmes,competetions,Team work and knowledge on different aspects.

One Week Short Term Training Program (Interdisciplinary) On Internet of Things (IoT) for Emerging Engineering Applications 28th Nov. to 3rd Dec. 2016

Departmental Activities News Letters... 

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Information Technology

Career in IT is considered to be one of the most high paying jobs in engineering sector and full of opportunities. Adeptness of IT engineers recognized across the globe booming IT sector in india has plenty of jobs for fresher computer and IT engineers.

India is moving towards a better tomorrow which definitely includes IT sector of the nation which has to be developed for a better economy.

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Name:  Dr. Vijay S. Gulhane, Head of Information Technology Engg.
Office Contact No: (0721) 2522342 (Ext.)310



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