In House Project Development

Computer Science & EngineeringElectronics & Telecommunication EngineeringInformation TechnologyMechanical Engineering

Sr. NoName of ProjectsDeveloped By
01ERP(College Management System)Prof. A. R. Itkikar, Dr. S. S. Dhande, Prof. H. R. Vyawahare, Prof. L. K. Gautam, Prof. G. S. Thakare, Prof. T. S. Rohankar, Prof. A. V. Sable, Prof. A. R. Bhuyar, Prof. S. A. Patinge, Prof. A. J. Ade
02Customized MOODLEDr. A. D. Gawande, Prof.  R. L. Pardhi
03Student Feedback Analysis SoftwareProf. A. D. Shah, Mr. Sanket Thotange

Sr. NoName of ProjectsDeveloped By
01Vehicle monitoring and security
system using CAN Protocol
Shubham Ashok Bhore

02A novel multitasking agricultural RobotShubham Ashok Bhore

Software Developed in IT Department

Sr NoName of SoftwareSessionDescription
1.Website for Technowings2014-2015Technowings is the technical forum created for IT and CS students. The website developed to share the technical content & ideas with all students.
2.Online Examination Software2014-2015This software is used for online exams & mock exams for companies like Persistent, Capgemini, TCS etc.
3.Website for Amravati Bicycle club2014-2015The website developed to reach maximum members for bicycle club & to spread the benefits of cycling.
4.Software for Achyut maharaj heart hospital2015-2016This software developed to maintain Patient data, keep its history as well as to keep inventory stock management.
5.Software for subject assessment2015-2016This software developed to take subject assessment for mapping PO & PEO accreditation point of view.
6.Software for i-Bulls Event( Stock Market game)2015-2016This software was developed for an event in Vidyotan 2015 , a stock market game.
7.Software for Digital Hunt2015-2016This software was developed for an event in Vidyotan 2015 and Vidyotan 2016 , a Digital Treasure Hunt game.
8.Software for Code Chef2015-2016This software was developed for an event in Vidyotan 2015 and Vidyotan 2016, a Programming Code based game.
9.Software for T & P dept.2016-2017This software was developed to listing the students according to various companies criteria & maintain their curriculum data for company point of view and This software also use for taking feedback of ‘Gnosis’.
10.Software for Best Teacher award2016-2017This software developed to choose Best Teacher during Umang 2017.
11.Software for College Management System(ERP)2016-2017The software is under development which has various module like student admission, to produce leave certificate and to produce various reports like student admission report, student registration report, admission statistics report etc.

Sr.No.Name of ProjectDeveloped By
01Fabrication of handheld power tillerProf. P.A. Ganthade
02Design and fabrication of wheat reaperProf.C.R. Bundele
Year.Name of ProjectDeveloped By
2015-16Compost Screening MachineWorkshop
2016-17Sapling Plantation MachineWorkshop
2017-18Groundnut decapitator machineWorkshop
2018-19Groundnut separator machineWorkshop