We are in the post modern era where science and technology are the corner stones on which the edifice of society rests. The advances in communication have put us on the information super highway and the nations which are slow to change are bound to lag behind in progress and prosperity. We are lucky to b counted among the successful people in the polity of nations which have made headway in information technology and communications.

Our College has well qualified teachers. Our teachers are invited as resource personnel at national & international seminars, conferences and symposia in India and abroad. Many research projects have been allotted to various departments of out college. Various staff development programmes are arranged at this college to update the teaching skills.

Our college has a central library which is regularly enriched by adding new books every year purchased to cope with the frequent changes in syllabus. Besides the central library, each postgraduate department has its own departmental library.

Our college provides scholarship, fee concessions, and other forms of financial aids to deserving students ST, SC, OBC, women and other economically backward sections in particular as per G.R.

Dr. Siddharth A. Ladhake
Sipna Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s
College of Engineering & Technology,Amravati.