Fitness Club

Aim: The club aims to produce professionals having a healthy body and sound mind with a positive attitude.


1. To help students maintain good physical and mental well being
2. Helping them to reduce stress with the help of Yoga and meditation.
3. To motivate students to participate in various sports activities thus developing the qualities of team spirit and leadership.
4. Making them the availability of resources needed to excel in the field of physical education.

Faculty Advisor
Prof. A. H. Kadu
Contact No:8600645822

Student Members

Governing BodyYear/Branch DesignationContact no
Shubham GadgeIV CSEPresident9881147691
Vyankatesh HedaII CSEVice President8007910007
Soham BanaraseII CSESecretary8208720386
Vedant GongalIII MechTreasurer7875468284

Fitness Club Activities