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We believe that education must be rooted in firm principles and nurtured on right values. First year is a state-of-the-art designed to bring the best out of its students, while endeavoring to meet the demand of higher classes. Extremely focused, it strives for excellence in technical education. Deeply committed to train students by motivating in the classrooms.

 First year department provides, departmental library facility, in additional to centralized Library facility of institute. The Four laboratories, viz. Applied Physics with separate Dark Room, Applied Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics & Computer laboratory, with broad band internet facility to each laboratory, has infused an inter-disciplinary connectivity which enables the faculty and students to work together to solve common problems of mutual interest.


Faculty Profile

Dr. N. V. Shirbhate

Associate Professor & Head


18 Years  Exp.

Prof. A. J. Pande

Assistant Professor


18  years Exp.

 Dr. P.R.Malasane

 Associate Professor

 Dean(Student Affairs)


20  years Exp.

Dr. M.R. Ugale

Associate Professor


18 years Exp.

 Prof. S.V.Tambakhe

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., M. Phill, B.Ed

11 Years Exp.

Dr. G.B.Tayade


M.Sc, Ph.D.

8 years Exp.

Prof. S. V.Potdar

Assistant Professor



15 Years Exp.

Prof. N.D.Sahu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Submitted), M.Sc,M.Phil

12 Years  Exp.

   Dr. S.M.Borikar

Assistant Professor



13 Years Exp.

Dr. P.S.Deshpande

Assistant Professor


12.3 Years Exp.

   Prof.M.R. Jadhav

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. B.Ed., PGDIT

10 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor

PhD,M.Sc ,B.Ed

6 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor



12 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor

M.Sc. Ph.D.(Pursuing)

4 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor


3 Years  Exp.


Prof.M. V.Dambale


Assistant Professor

4 years Exp.

Prof. P. M. Kurwade

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Thermal Engg.)

6 Year Exp.

Prof. A. S. Gadre

Assistant Professor

M.E., B.E.

10 Years Exp.


Technical Supporting Staff:

1.Shri S.R.Korde.
2.Shri S.R.Tayade.
3.Shri Yogesh Chavan.

Engineering Physics


Engineering Physics Laboratory is fully equipped laboratory and all the facility to desirous incumbents. required for conducting various experiments

In applied physics laboratory, there is a separate optical lab, which includes all the experiment related on light. which increase understanding and interests create in students.

Engineering Chemistry


Applied Chemistry laboratory is well equipped and having all the necessary facilities required for conducting the various experiments as per syllabus. The laboratory consists of Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven, pH meter, Redwood Viscometer No.1, Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus.

Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Mechanics laboratory is well equipped laboratory consist of universal force board, Jib crane, Inclined plane friction, Beam apparatus, Fly wheel, Lifting Machine, Fletcher trolley and pendulum,for demonstrations which understand concepts of students.

Electrical Lab


Practical conducted of subjects EE-I, EE-II, NA,List of Major equipments like Experimental Kits, Three phase Rectifier ,Three phase induction motor coupled with DC Generator, Compound Generator coupled with DC Compound motor, Single phase Rheostat Load, Three phase Rheostat Load ,Kelvin double bridge., Digital Clamp Meters,De-sauty bridge., Three phase dimmer stat ,Hand tachometer, Step down Transformer.

Computer Lab


A lab of the department operates to conduct software development projects. All the machines are equipped with the advance configurations such as C2D and i3 processors.This lab of the First Year Department provides the main facilities to upgrade the conducting the practicals fundamentals and C programming.

Engineering Drawing Hall


 The first year engineering department has two spacious drawing halls with tables sufficient enough to use a drawing board and clamp the mini drafter machine. There are various charts in the drawing hall covering different topics of the subject. Moreover, there are several solid and cut section models available in Engineering Drawing hall which give a realistic view of the situation to make the concepts clear. Also we have software’s and CD’s to have an audio-visual interactive teaching-learning scheme.



Workshop is intended to conduct teaching of Workshop , Engineering Drawing , Thermal Engineering and all management Subjects. It has well equipped facilities to conduct work- shop and Engineering Drawing theory & practical. Workshop has its own well constructed work-shop of about 500 area. Work-Shop includes Welding shop , Carpentry shop, Fitting shop , Tin and Black Smithy shop and Turning shop ,Welding , Turning , Tin & Black smithy shop Center Lathe m/c , Drilling m/c , Power Saw , Shearing m/c , Electric arc welding machines. The objective of work-shop is to impart the basic practical knowledge of Mechanical / Industrial Engineering in Students



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Name:  Dr. Nitin V. ShirbhateHead of  First Year Engg.

Mobile No:
Contact No: (0721) 2522342 (Ext.)410