Annual Social Gathering (UMANG)

According to stress managers, entertainment of any form is one of the best stress reliever. UMANG acts as refresher for students.  Students can learn how to manage events, explore ideas and handle stress, adversities and accordingly take prompt decisions for unforeseen contingencies. Soft skills are now a days required to face various challenges in the real world environment. To promote these abilities, faculties of Sipna COET along with students organize UMANG an annual social gathering . UMANG  is to expose the hidden talent of the students and provide them a strong platform for  cherishing humanity through social activities. On this platform we are providing various group events such as

  • Jalsa
  • Indian Iconic fashion show
  • Surila Safar
  • Variety Entertainment
  • Student Night
  • Sipna Idol
  • LiteraryCompetition
  • Sports and many more activities

Youth Festival – S.G.B.A.U, Amravati

Every year YOUTH FESTIVAL is organized by Amravati university. In this festival various types of cultural activities such a Debate, Quiz, Drama, Folk Dance, Cartooning, Elocution are being organized . Students are encouraged to participate in such activities so that besides studies they can explore their talents.

Youth Festival photos

Color Coat Holders

1Ku.Rani DeshmukhII/CSEFolk Dance
2Ku.Purva JamnikIII/CivilWestern solo
3Anvita FutaneIV/EXTCIndian group song

Color Coat Holder 2014-15

1Renuka DeshmukhII/CSEFolk Dance
2Shamal SawakeIII/ITIndian Group song

Color Coat Holder 2013-14

1Janhvi KadbeIII/CSETheatre