Sipna Carnival Club (SCC)


  1. To promote student’s interest in music, dance, drama and other cultural activities which not only helps them to identify themselves, but also enhances their social skills besides their professional education.
  2. To reinforce the students to maintain healthy and social relationships with other members of the club and provide healthy forms of relaxation and recreation.
  3. To help the students to cultivate and preserve Indian culture and also update students with the modern trends in dance and music.
  4. To apply value systems, aesthetics and approaches through performance.

Faculty Advisors

1Prof. Pravin MalasaneDept. of Science and HumanitiesThird9860082099
2Prof. Prem JakhotiyaDept. of Mech EnggSecond9823666011
3Prof. AshshBardekarDept. of ITThird9923022088
4Prof. Swapnil SawalkarDept. of ITThird9860071758
5Prof. Ashish WankhadeDept. of Mech EnggSecond9623446302
6Prof. Prathamesh WankhadeDept. of EXTC EnggThird9028603013
7Prof. Parag GadweDept. of MBASecond9822702686
8Prof. AmbarishBhuyarDept. of ITFirst9665355488
9Prof. Apurva ParandekarDept .of ITThird9766243857

Governing Body Members

Sr. NoName of StudentBranchYearMobile NumberPost/Chair
1Mr.Aniket KaleMEThird7038501283President
2Mr.ShubhamMalodeCMPSSecond7218432140Vice President
3Miss. SwardaMokashiEXTCThird9403216318Secretary
4Miss. Krishna TawariCIVILThird8087907567Treasure


Event name: Kargil Carnival Club

Event name: Extravagenza Carnival Club

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