Art & Craft Club (Crafty Crew)

CRAFTY CREW CLUB                                              We Think , We Create ,We Capture


Art & Craft club is a platform to develop aesthetic values and enhance the creative  skills and artistic talents of students.

1. Members as an artist will understand their role in creativity and cultural industries.
2. Evaluating and appreciating members’ effort through different competitions.
3. Promote and support art enthusiasts to propagate and contribute to special activities.
4. Members will organize and participate in workshops for painting, collage-making, photography and cinematography.

Faculty Advisor Prof. M.A. Gawande Contact No. 8007148176 Student Members
Governing BodyYear/Branch DesignationContact no
Rajashri KaleIII CSEPresident7218432140
Shilpa AmbhoreIII EXTCVice – President9604577005
Vedashree LahotiIII ITSecretary8275352516
Rutuja MohekarIII CSETreasurer8600666766
Rutuja PadmawarII CSEPublicity In-charge9067070742

Art & Craft Club Activities

Photography exhibition and competition  

Program for  'Sweeper Women'  

Carriage decoration for Shivjayanti Utsav  

   Selfie Corners in Campus on the eve of Vidyotan  

 Face & Palm Painting