CRAFTY CREW CLUB                                              We Think , We Create ,We Capture


“Art & Craft club is a platform to develop aesthetic values and enhance the skills, creative and artistic talents of students.”
1. Members as an artist will understand their role in creativity and cultural industries.
2. Evaluating and appreciating members’ effort through different competitions.
3. Promote and support art enthusiastic to propagate and contribute to special activities.
4. Members will organize and participate in workshops for painting, collage-making, Photography and Cinematography.


1. Use techniques such as painting, drawing, pencil sketching and sculpting.
2. Use techniques for creative photography such as candid, nature photography, wildlife and portrait photography.
3. Explore creative ideas or new methods for making different art forms.
4. Create sketches, templates, or models to portray their artistic talents.
5. Use visual techniques, such as composition, color, space, and perspective, to produce desired artistic effects.
6. Display their work at galleries, competitions, and online marketplaces.

Club Members

Sr. No    Name of Students        Branch       Year      Mobile Number    Post/Chair
1             Anshul Bhakade             Mech          3 rd           7038501283    President
2             Rajashri kale                  CMPS         2nd           7218432140    Vice President
3             Radhika Asawa              Extc            3 rd           9403216318    Secretary
4             Prajwal sirsat                 Civil             3 rd           8087907567    Treasurer
5             Yash Age                        IT                2nd           8805907255   PublicityIncharge
6            Rashmi Pund                  CMPS         3 rd           7218432140  Event Coordinator
7             Rutuja Mohekar             CMPS           2nd           8600666766  Members
8             Shika A.Dhake                First Year     1st            9766773124  Members
9             Sanjyoti Petkar               Extc              3 rd           7841999199   Members


Event name:Photography exhibition and competition:  Date:22/02/018

Programme of 'sweeper women' by Crafty Crew (Art and Craft Club)on 8 March in sipna Campus

Event :Truck Decoration for Shivjayanti Utsav
Name of Student:Ms Bhargavi Upadhya.(Crafty Crew Member in core Committiee)
Date:19 Feb 2018

Event Name : Selfi Corners are Keep in Campus on the day of vidyotan28/2/18

Event: Face & Palm Painting on 26 Jan 2018