Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati


The Young Innovators Club



  • As we are engineers, we should have a learning attitude in each aspect, specially related to the technologies. So this club helps us to develop our knowledge in various fields.
  • All our ideas, creativity and innovations are welcomed here.
  • Various activities & events through the club will help us to implement our ideas practically.
  • TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS: Various technical workshops will be conducted for the students by the students and by technical experts in respective fields. Practical experiments in workshop will enhance the hands on field experience of students.
  • TECHNICAL COMPETITIONS: Club will be trying to conduct various competitions related to technologies and advancements in them, so that students get experience about higher national and international technical competitions.
  • SEMINARS: Club will be conducting various seminars on different technologies, engineering related topics such that students get proper guidance related to the same.
  • EXPERT LECTURES: Various guest lectures will be organize by the club. Lectures will be held by experts in different fields which will provide complete knowledge to our students.
  • INDUSTRIAL VISITS: Being an engineer, students should have industrial experience and knowledge about how industry works, so that they will have a experience of it before entering the corporate world and hence industrial visits will be held.
  • MINI PROJECTS: Mini projects will be taken from the students or members of the club so that they will work on any topic of their interest and enhance their practical skills.
  • LIVE PROJECTS: Live project is the phase when you finally implement most of the things that you have learnt during your academics. It familiarizes students with the vision and the working environment of a company. Students will learn as how to work as a team. To teach them the Best and Proven practices. To improve leadership qualities in them and to teach them various approaches and tactics of developing projects.
  • WEBINARS: A webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. Webinars allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions and share audio, documents or slides – even when they’re not in the same place. This initiative of conducting webinars for students will be taken by the club for students.
  • To provide various advancements of knowledge in basic and applied areas of engineering and technology. 13. Here students will be provided with a platform which gives us various opportunities to show and enhance our technical talents at state, national and international levels.

Chair Person’s of Club committee: –

1. Ms. Yogita Vyas- Chairman

2. Ms. Shivani Thakare- Vice Chairman

3. Ms. Monika Chhangani- Secretary

4. Mr. Rohit Hirulkar- Treasurer

5. Mr. Ashish Kakne- Digitization Head

Formation of Core Committee:-

1. Asawari Bhopale
2. Damini Khatri

3. Shivani Radke

4. Rushikesh kulkarni

5. Priyanka Agrawal

6. Vaibhav Jaulkar

7. Lokesh Ajmire

8. Makarand Ronghe

9. Purva Deshmukh

10. Harshada Joshi

11. Ragini alkari

12. Poonam jakotiya

Club Members: –

1. Mrunal waghare

2. Kalyani gulalkari

3. Aishwarya Dambir

4. Ankita Khandekar

5. Kapil Mansukhani

6. Priya Tayade

7. Rutuja Kale

8. Akansha Dhole

9. Akshay Manekar

10. Ayushi Mohkar

11. Chitra Pawar

12. Dhanashri Ambadkar

13. Pranjali Mahurkar

14. Gaurav Nichat

15. Shubham Shahane

16. Tejas Pranjale

17. Ravina Kawalkar


Logo –

By creative ideas of members and teachers staff we finalise the logo. The logo defines about technology and new invention. Technovishkar means “Technology and Avishkar”.