National Service Scheme

True education should aim at developing the all round personality of student.  All  round  personality of student .All round personality include the mental, moral &  physical  development of student & this platform is given to us by N.S.S. our college has such a mixture of sports , studies , social  activities  such as N.S.S. which makes a Sipna  student different from other college  student.N.S.S. Means “National Service Scheme” . It means giving service to another person who really deserves it.

Under the heading of N.S.S. there are so many different activities taken in our college. Such as  in each year two blood donation  camp are held in our college & in that camp college students , lecturer’s donate the blood. To make this camp successful team of expert doctors from General hospital Amravati took very much effort.

Nowadays percentage of rainfall is decreasing the reason behind is cutting of forest in earth someone says “Save Tree Save Life”. In N.S.S. tree plantation activity is done in college campus.

The NSS unit having 200 plus active student members of different branch work for social course Following programme conducted by NSS unit in year 2016-17:-


NSS wing of the institute is doing a valuable work by aiming at nurturing social awareness among students through its various activities.

Following are the various activities conducted by NSS.

  • Road Safety Programmes at different places of Amravati
  • Food and Cloth Distribution during Natural calamity
  • Workshop organized by khadi and village industries commission during NSS camp
  • Tree Plantation
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Cleanliness Drive Camps
  • Personality development work-shop
  • Rural development camps

NSS Programms Events Photos 2016-17

blood donation

clean lbbaulake

clean linessrally atbusstand

ecofriendly ganeshgogrren

ecofriendly ganeshgogrren2

tree plantation

orphanagead dres singprogram3

orphanagead dressing program2

orphanagedo nationprogram


plastic eradicationatchatritalav

rastasura kshaabhiyanatmaltekdi

rastasurak shaabhi




sweet distributio

swachata abhiyaan

tree plantation6

swachata abhiyansipnacampus

swacha taabhiyantation


vyasan mukinatyanssonin dependan

treep lantation3

tree plantation2

tree plantation4

tree plantation5

handmadebamboorakhistallatsipna campus

blood donation2

sweet distributio


NSS Programms Events Photos 2014-15