Club Name :-

 To instill confidence, inspire and build momentum among the entire student body.
 To stimulate participation and interaction between students, entrepreneurs, alumni, faculty and prominent individuals in the world.
 To create opportunities for the exchange & discussion of the business ideas.
 To Establish & maintain the network of contacts with other clubs, institutions, companies and professionals.
 To train college students to have the appropriate business insights & entrepreneurial skills.
 To cultivate the entrepreneurial skills & values among college students, in order to develop knowledgeable & enterprising graduates.
 To nurture the development of quality entrepreneurs who will be capable of
 competing in the local & global business industries.
 To create income generating activities through talent development.
 To provide a means through which members can access entrepreneurial resources, network with both local and international entrepreneurs, and share ideas

Core Committee Member With Contact No:-

President :- Omkumar Badhai (CMPS) Mob No.7387472742
Vice President :-Rohit Mandavkar (CMPS) Mob No.7387472742
Secretary :- Abhijeet Gawande (MBA) Mob No. 8983453273
Vice Secretary :-Shantanu Deshmukh(CMPS) Mob No. 9404784043
Treasurer :-Karan Deshmukh (CMPS) Mob No. 7030089681

Faculty Member With Contact No:-

Facilitator :-
Ms. Prof.V.P.Vaidya Mob no. 7020442822
Members :-
Prof.S.B.Malani- 9420408154
Prof. S.M. Patil- 9766492925
Prof. A.K. Anasane
Prof. M.D. Tare
Prof.Dr. P.S.Deshpande- 9766319300

List Of Registered Members :-

1) Rohit Mandavkar
2) Karan Deshmukh
3) Shantanu Deshmukh
4) AdarshPote
5) VyankateshBojje
6) AbhijeetGawande
7) Abhishek Dakre
8) NitikeshPihul
9) Karan sharma
10) Yogesh Narayan
11) KomalChohatkar
12) RajshreeWaghmare
13) OmkumarBadhai
14) ShatamBhagat
15) Nitesh Rajput
16) YogeshNavandhar


A visit to "National level vendor development programme cum industrial exhibition" has been successfully done by the students of "Sipnopreneurs club" dated 22nd Feb 2018.