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This is an exciting period for Computer Science and Engineering profession as the rapidly changing technology creates many opportunities and challenges. Department of Computer Science and Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education of the 21st  century by providing unique educational and research  opportunities in the forefront of Computer Engineering.

The objective of the department is to produce engineering graduates with academic excellence, positive attitude, good communication and technical skills enriched with self confidence. This will help them for easy employment as well as for further higher studies in India or abroad.

The centre of the department possesses state of art computing facility for the students and faculties along with 20 Mbps Internet Connectivity with Wi-Fi facility from BSNL, which serves the College Internet needs.

The department started the M.E.(Computer Science and Engineering) full time programme in the year 2009.The department has also started the M.E.(Computer Engineering) full time programme in the year 2010. The department has Ph.D. research laboratory recognized by S.G.B. Amravati University Amravati.


 PEO1: Professional Knowledge : Sipna Engineering Graduates shall acquire the fundamental  and advanced knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering subjects along with additional knowledge on other subjects in Mathematics, Basic Sciences , inter-disciplinary engineering, management and economics , enabling them to solve basic and complex engineering problem.

PEO2: Professional Employment: Sipna Engineering Graduates will succeed in getting the  entry-level engineering positions in Computer Software & Hardware firms, Manufacturing firms and Government Organizations at regional, national and international levels.

PEO3: Higher Studies & Life Long Learning: Sipna Engineering Graduates will succeed in  the pursuit of higher degrees in Engineering and continue life-long learning.

PEO4: Social Engineering: Sipna Engineering Graduates will aware of social responsibility, ethical standards and environmental issues so that they serve the society better.


Faculty Profile

Dr. S. A. Ladhake



34 Years Exp.

Dr. S. S. Dhande

Professor & Head

Ph.D , M.E.

17 Years Exp.

Prof. A.. R. Itkikar

Associate Professor


26 Years Exp.

Dr. V. K. Shandilya

Associate Professor &

Degree Program Coordinator(Phd)

Ph.D , M.E.

20 Years Exp.

Dr. D. M. Dakhane


Ph.D. , M.E.(CSE)

22 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor


16 Years Exp.

Prof. S. B. Rathod

Assistant Professor

M.E. (IT), B.E.

11.6 Years Exp.

Prof. K. R.Ingole

Assistant Professor

M.E. (CSE)

 11 Years Exp.

Prof. N. D. Shelokar

Assistant Professor


13.7 Years Exp.

Prof. R. V.Gupta

Assistant Professor

B.E. M.E(Pursuing)

10.2 Years Exp.

Prof. V.P.Vaidya

Assistant Professor

M.E.(IT) ,B.E.

8.9 Years Exp.

Prof. M.D.Tambhakhe

Assistant Professor

M.E.(IT.), B.E.

9.6 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor

M.E (CSE), B.E.

7 Years Exp.

Prof. S.R.Gudadhe

Assistant Professor


9.3 Year.


Assistant .Professor

M.E..(IT), B.E.(CSE)

6.10 Years Exp.


Assistant Professor

M.E.(IT), Ph.D.

13.9 Years

Prof. A. D.Shah

Assistant Professor


10 Years Exp.

Prof. S.W.Wasankar

Assistant Professor


5.9 Years Exp.

Prof. A. V. Sable

 Assistant Professor


6.8 Years Exp.

Prof. N. P.Mohod

Assistant Professor

M.E.(CE) B.E.

5.9 Years Exp.

Prof. R. P.Fuke

Assistant Professor

M.E.(I.T), B.E.

6.8 Years Exp.

Prof. A. V. Pande

Assistant Professor

M.E.(CSE), B.E.

4.10 Years Exp.

Prof. S.A.Patinge

Assistant Professor


3 Years Exp.

Prof. S. P. Palaskar

Assistant Professor


5.3 Years Exp.

Prof. N. G. Gupta

Assistant Professorr

M.E. (CSE), B.E.

3.2 Years Exp.

Prof. J. S. Karnewar

Assistant Professor


9.0 Years Exp.

Technical Supporting Staff:
1.Shri S.W. Bhusate
2.Shri G.M. Dawale
3.Shri S.R. Nair
4.Shri S.S. Chavan
5.Shri S.B. Burange
6.Shri S.M. Kardw


The Department has well equipped laboratories to run UG and PG programmes and research work for Ph.D. students.

Data Structure Lab


The lab is designed for conducting practical’s based on data structures, Object Oriented Programming ,artificial intelligence and Expert System The main objective of lab is to provide practical environment to encourage the students for developing practical skills.

Project Lab


The lab is used for designing web based applications and Linux based programming. The lab is equipped with latest 64 bit core i3 processor machines and necessary software tools .

Object Oriented Lab


Lab is also used for developing third and final year projects. The lab is equipped with latest 64 bit core i3 processor machines and necessary software tools.

Web Technology Lab


This lab is used for conducting practical’s based Programming methodology and Internet Technology. The lab is equipped with latest 64 bit core i3 processor machines and necessary software tools.

System Software Lab


Emphasis on learning about file structure design and it’s data processing. It helps students to gain familiarity with tools used to organize file, file structure. With this practical object oriented approach is applied and implemented necessary to developed programming skills to produced quality implementations.

Microprocessor Lab


This lab is designed for conducting practical’s   based on Data Base Management System. In addition, Lab is also used to conduct training courses on repair, maintenance and assembly of PCs for technical staff.

Operating System Design Lab


The lab is equipped with specialized D-link routers and switches to impart the knowledge of computer networks to the students on concepts of networking and network management.

Multimedia Technology Lab


The lab is designed to perform electronics based practical to students .This lab has simulation software’s like P-Spice, verilog, VHDL , and Microcontroller and Microprocessor kits.

Electronics Devices & Circuit Lab


The lab is designed for conducting the practical’s on real time embedded systems and digital signal processing. Lab is equipped with tools like MATLAB , TASM.

Database Management Lab


M.E. students have a separate and spacious laboratory equipped with latest 64 bit Computers with core i3 and core i5 systems and all the necessary tools. Research opportunities are provided with the state of art tools including D-Link Routers; Gigabit managed Switch; Wireless Equipment's like Routers, Access Point; 89C51 and development Boards for Embedded Systems.

Computer Center


 Computer Centre provides computational facilities to all users in the Institute. Students, staff and faculty from all Departments and Centers in the campus can avail facilities of CC. Windows as well as Linux environment is provided in Computer Center to the users and all the machines are connected with LAN existing in the Institute.

Departmental Activities Workshops         

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  • Prof.D.M.Dakhane,Associate Professor CSE Department awarded with Best Researcher award at CORE BIT RAK Campus,
    Birla Institute of Technology,Offshore Campus,Academy Zone-3 A1 Dhati South,RAK,UAE....Click Here
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Departmental Activities News Letters

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering is a driving force behind innovation and technologies that are changing the world, pushing computing power and capabilities to the edge. Bridging hardware and software, computer engineering has implications across many industries, ranging from technology to healthcare, green energy to aeronautics.

the scope of computer science has no geographical boundary and is not limited to India. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and computer science is at the core of it. With the availability of computer science engineering graduates growing exponentially largely contributed by India. In the present world scenario computer science and engineering has its place in every aspect.It is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. A computer engineer specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems

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Name:  Dr. Avinash D. Gawande Head of Computer Science & Engg.

Office Contact No: (0721) 2522342 (Ext.)201



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